Quick Stats Website Pages

An essential part of a successful business recruitment program is making it easy for “walk-in” prospects to find the information they want about your downtown and its available business locations. Today, the first thing that these potential walk-ins probably do is conduct an information search on the Internet, looking at the websites of the municipality and local economic development organizations. Unfortunately, too many of these websites do not provide the information these business prospects need or they have it buried so many layers down that it is hard to find. The result is that many tenant prospects are turned off by their frustrating search experience and they then shift their attention to other communities where they can easily find the information they need.

DANTH, Inc.’s Quick Stats Website Pages can help your organization remedy this situation by:

  • Assembling the types of information downtown business prospects are most likely to look for, whether they are professional corporate site locators or small independent operators
  • Creating a single summary Quick Stats webpage where essential information points (e.g., population, income, office workers, parking, cinema patrons, traffic counts, etc.) are provided and can be quickly digested
  • Providing links on the summary Quick Stats page where the prospect can go to obtain more detailed information about a particular point
  • Providing types of useful information that goes beyond the usual census data and cannot be obtained easily elsewhere
  • Providing a “how to” guide for small independent operators
  • Formulating and providing your downtown’s business location value proposition.

You can view the Quick Stats Page we did for the Morristown Partnership here.

A Quick Stats project is affordable and provides a big bang for your buck. For more information, contact David Milder at 718-805-9507 or [email protected].