About N. David Milder

D. MilderDavid is a nationally recognized for his expertise on the new normal for downtowns, downtown entertainment niches, the deliberate consumer, downtown multichannel retailing, downtown niche retailing and office development. His skill set is not just strategic planning or retail recruitment or redevelopment or non-profit management. It includes all of these.
David provides economic revitalization consulting to downtown, commercial district and local government organizations. David consistently creates highly customized programs for its clients, based upon rigorous research, 40+ years of experience in urban revitalization, and a creative, non-cookie-cutter approach. David has a long history of tackling difficult problems and devising reasonable, affordable and quickly implementable solutions. Most importantly, David takes a results-oriented view of revitalization issues.
David provides actionable strategies – whether for attracting new retailers, marketing existing attractions, mapping potential redevelopment or planning for economic development overall.  David has worked with big cities and small towns, urban centers and rural communities, from Pasadena, CA to Meredith, NH and many points between.
David founded his private consulting practice in 1977 to confront downtown and commercial district revitalization issues in his own dynamic and no-nonsense way. In the past 40+ years, he has helped to formulate the programs that have revitalized downtowns such as Charlotte, NC, Jamaica Center, NY, Rutland, VT, and Englewood, NJ.
Representative Client List
Most recently, David has completed leading edge work on downtown multichannel retailing (see his research paper on this website) as well as retail assessments and revitalization strategies for the City of Gering, NE, the Village of Sherwood, WI, the Morristown Partnership (NJ), the Long Island City Partnership (NY) and the City of Peoria, AZ. David also has been involved in stimulating Transit-Oriented Development projects in Cranford, NJ, and Bayonne, NJ. In Bayonne, he also created Jump Start, a novel and effective facade improvement program, and Kick Start, a sister program aimed at stimulating residential development above existing commercial spaces. Since 1990, when many experts felt downtowns could no longer be successful retail locations, David has formulated numerous niche-based retail revitalization strategies that have stimulated growth in communities across the nation, including Rutland, VT, and Englewood, NJ.
In the 1980s, David created the Downtown Safety, Security and Economic Development Program for Regional Plan Association to address a key barrier to downtown revitalization. Prior to that, he helped create the Charlotte Uptown Development Corporation and the municipal service district it managed.
David also has direct knowledge of what it is like to run a downtown organization, having spent several years managing the Cedar Lane SID in Teaneck, NJ, and the Bayonne Town Center SID.
David has published numerous articles in periodicals such as Urban Land, Main Street News and Downtown Idea Exchange. He has also contributed chapters to several books produced by the American Planning Association and the International Downtown Association. David is the author of two books on downtown revitalization: Niche Strategies for Downtown Revitalization (1997, Downtown Research & Development Center) and Downtown Business Recruitment (2005), which is available for download from this website.
David holds a Ph.D in Government from Cornell University and taught at Cornell and the Ohio State University. He was the vice president for marketing for ManData Corp. At the Ohio Department of Economic and Community Development he designed the Ohio Housing Needs Plan and created and managed the Ohio Cities Consortium, a 16-city public management technology transfer network. He then went on to direct the Urban Institute at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, where he created a downtown revitalization technical assistance program.

N. David Milder’s Areas of Expertise

      • Downtown niche revitalization strategies and action plans
      • Retail niche marketing programs
      • Retail, office and housing market analyses
      • Feasibility studies
      • Business recruitment
      • Downtown multichannel retailing
      • Downtown trends analysis
      • Downtown redevelopment
      • Creating business friendly permissions and approvals processes
      • Creating or turning around downtown district organizations
      • Survey research and analysis of lifestyle data.

Representative Client List

      • 34th Street Partnership (NY)
      • Bayonne Economic Development Corp (NJ)
      • Bayonne Town Center (NJ)
      • Belmont Business Improvement District (NY)
      • Carlisle Area Chamber of Commerce (PA)
      • City of Charlotte (NC)
      • City of Gering (NE)
      • City of Peoria, (AZ)
      • City of Toledo (OH)
      • City of White Plains (NY)
      • Cranford District Management Corporation (NJ)
      • CUNY Research Foundation (NY)
      • Downtown Research and Development Center (NY)
      • Elizabeth Avenue Partnership (NJ)
      • Elizabeth Development Corporation (NJ)
      • Englewood Economic Development Corporation (NJ)
      • Executive Office of Communities & Development (MA)
      • Forest City Development California
      • Grand Central Partnership (NY)
      • Greater Jamaica Development Corporation (NY)
      • Greater Meredith Program (NH)
      • Historic Midtown Elizabeth SID (NJ)
      • Hunts Point Local Development Corporation (NY)
      • Long Island City Partnership (NY)
      • Main Street New Jersey
      • MetroTech Area Business Improvement District (NY)
      • Morristown Partnership )NJ)
      • Mosholu Preservation Corporation (NY)
      • National Institute of Justice (Washington, D.C.)
      • New York City Public Development Corporation
      • Ohio Dept. of Economic and Community Development
      • Regional Plan Association (NY)
      • Research Triangle Institute (NC)
      • Rutland Partnership (VT)
      • Teaneck Economic Development Corporation (NJ)
      • Town of Maplewood (NJ)
      • Town of West New York (NJ)
      • Town of West Orange (NJ)
      • Trenton Downtown Association (NJ)
      • Uptown Charlotte Development Corporation (NC)
      • Village of Garden City (NY)
      • Village of Sherwood (WI)
      • Wisconsin Downtown Action Council.

Recent Project Partners

      • CBD Consultants
      • CHA Planning and Design Services
      • Downtown Hospitality Advisors
      • Eastern Research
      • Frances Ink
      • Garnet Consulting Services
      • Mary Mann & Associates
      • Short Elliott Hendrickson Inc. (SEH)
      • Wadley Donovan Growth Tech
      • Wilbur Smith Associates.

They Like His Articles, Books and Presentations

    • David is  always pleased when his publications are made available by other organizations in the downtown revitalization field. We thank the following for doing so either by hard copy reproductions or by posting them on their websites or providing links to the relevant pages on his website :
    • American Planning Association
    • Connecticut Main Street Center
    • Downtown New Jersey
    • Florida Main Street Center
    • Heritage Ohio
    • International Downtown Association
    • International Economic Development Council
    • Maine Downtown Foundation
    • Montana Associated Technology Roundtables
    • New Jersey League of Municipalities
    • Oregon Downtown Development Association
    • Pennsylvania Downtown Center
    • University of Wisconsin Extension
    • Wisconsin Downtown Action Council.

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