I am  very proud of the quality of the work I do. Consequently, I am very happy to share some of the  project reports I did for my firm, DANTH, Inc., with those interested in downtown revitalization efforts.
Morristown, NJ. This town has more daytime employees than residents, but its retail growth is constrained by a host of malls and  shopping centers in other parts of its trade areas and the chains they have already attracted. DANTH prepared a retail revitalization strategy and action plan that focused on the downtown’s large “captive markets” and untapped niches in the residential trade areas as well as on the attraction of more high quality independent merchants.
Peoria, AZ. On this project, DANTH analyzed the retail growth potentials for three major commercial areas in this city that included an old downtown, a sports district and a cluster of new shopping centers. We also presented specific action recommendations for realizing these potentials. Part of our research was a comparative analysis of the trade areas of five major shopping districts/malls in the Phoenix area. On this project DANTH partnered with Wadley-Donovan Growthtech and Garnet Consulting Services.
Manhattan, NYC. DANTH, Inc. has conducted a number of assignments for two large business improvement districts located in Midtown Manhattan, the Grand Central Partnership and the 34th Street Partnership. Presented here are parts of our reports related to daytime employees and tourists. We used a unique diamond -shaped trade area, not the usual ring areas, in these analyses.
Long Island City, NYC. This commercial area, across the East River from Manhattan, has been undergoing a very strong construction boom, even through the Great Recession, that brought many new residents, office workers and hotel guest into the area. This report analyses how its Queens Plaza commercial node might develop a restaurant niche. Our focus was on the “close-in” market segments, those within reasonable walking distances.
Meredith, NJ. In preparing this retail revitalization strategy and action plan for Meredith’s Main Street program, DANTH employed a very innovative lifestyle analysis to detail the consumer preferences and behaviors of the town’s second home owners and the tourists drawn to local motels. On this project DANTH teamed with Downtown Hospitality Advisors.
Sherwood, WI.  Though this fast-growing suburb of Appleton only has a population of 2,700, we found  its economic situation to be surprisingly complex. The downtown  is facing challenges caused by commercial dispersion and the growth of a nearby highway corridor node. On this project DANTH partnered  with SEH, an architectural and engineering firm.